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I am an influencer, developer and coach. My work excites me. I have over 30 years’ experience in leading training and development roles. My clients past and present are below. In that time I have completed over 1,800 presentations, events or programmes and worked within both professional football  and education  in the UK and across five continents. I have written best-selling and award winning books. I have worked with, or for, football clubs from the Premiership to the Conference. I have been the Designated Learning Consultant to the FA for 23 years.

More recently I have performed a similar role for UEFA and as of October 2022 I joined FIFA as part of their global Technical Leadership Expert Team with a brief to help provide a world-class education, learning and development pathway for Technical Leaders. As part of this role, I helped design and deliver the FIFA Technical Leaders’ Diploma, the first globally recognised qualification for Technical Directors of national associations. The programme launched in Brazil in May 2023.

I offer one to one development coaching for Head Coaches and Technical Directors in professional football via my Direct Development Consultancy. Contact me for the website password