Experienced performance consultant working with players and coaches. Designated Learning Consultant to the Football Association for over 21 years.

I have been the Designated Learning Consultant to the Football Association for 21 years. When I first started my brief was to design and deliver a Generic Tutor Training Programme. This was to upskill all of the 1,400 full and part-time tutors who delivered any FA course. Over the years I have contributed to the review of the 2010 World Cup, the move to St George’s Park, the development of the England DNA and more recently the redesign of the UEFA Pro Licence. I co-delivered on both the recent Elite Coaches and Professional Coaches Awards. I’ve contributed to every FA UEFA Pro Licence since its inception, attended all the overseas study visits and helped introduce a multi-disciplinary independent research study as a key part of the programme. In addition I have worked for football clubs from the Premiership to the Conference South: the top six tiers of English football. I work with clubs on motivational and learning issues – particularly for staff and players.

I now work with UEFA as a part-time consultant helping them construct a set of protocols for adult learning which can be used by Coach Educators across the 55 European Federations. As part of this work I’ve hosted major international conferences for Coaches and Coach Educators across Europe.

My latest project is to offer one to one coaching for Head Coaches and Technical Directors working in the professional game. Details of the offer can be found on my site www.directdevelopment.co.uk – it’s password protected as I only take a small number of clients but if you are a Level Five qualified coach do get in touch.