Insights from the FA Experience: Kevin Taylor, FBI trained hostage negotiator

Negotiating in High Pressure Environments

A compelling presenter with an endless well of experience at the sharp end of negotiation who addresses the continuum of crisis negotiation to kidnap negotiation

  • Many suicides arise from isolation, loneliness and feeling of worthlessness exaggerated by not being listened to.
  • Listen first but listen actively don’t second guess. Align to or at least appreciate others value systems
  • Separate information, facts and inferences. Lots of information but very few facts. Avoid rushing to judgment.
  • Questions are the key to better understanding. The skill is to ask a question that empty the person of the information
  • Emotions drive behaviour – dissidents get locked into emotional responses. You cannot change the event, but you can change the emotions.
  • Fairness is what people want.