The FA Experience: High Performing teams

As part of the FA UEFA Pro Licence learners complete a study of a high performing teams from outside the football industry.

Over the years the teams visited have included the Red Arrows, RNLI Lifeboat crews, Army, Mercedes F1, estuary pilots, restaurant kitchens, pilot training, sales teams and sports including netball, horse racing and rugby. Here is a summary of some of the last round of findings –

  • Values-driven cultures where everyone knows how they contribute to the overarching goal
  • Constant eye on purpose: what is it we are here to do?
  • Planned performance reviews after every incident or event which ask really hard questions and are a key part of improvement
  • Player ownership of the working week through valued contributions
  • Responsibility of individuals, units and teams for their own readiness
  • Brutal honesty – without personalising it – in appraising contributions and what’s needed for improvement
  • Trust as a key factor in elevating standards, innovation and especially making Hot and Cold decisions
  • Adaptability to the present situation
  • Locating decision-making where it’s needed – don’t assume it’s someone else’s job
  • Greater understanding of the individual performer and how they are motivated
  • Clear communications as a key part of building relationships
  • Recruit for the human qualities brought to the team