Working with schools, colleges and organisations on learning and teaching throughout the UK and abroad.

I have been a Teacher, Advisory Teacher and an Associate Head Teacher in my time in education. I have also headed up a successful education training company and written a number of books, some of which were award winning with one which was a best seller. I have delivered over 1,800 presentations, keynotes, In-Service events or training programmes. I’m good at facilitating learning. I have an awful lot of presentation experience.

I have over thirty years of experience of work on learning, teaching and motivation, usually with staff – in hundreds of schools, Primary and Secondary. Specific school-based topics have been around books I’ve written and over the years have included Accelerated Learning, The Science of Learning, Independent Learning, Well-Being and Happiness – and more recently World Class Education. At the moment I am working on writing Playbooks on a wide range of management issues for the ThreeWhats project. 

I’ve led leadership seminars, often based on my research for my last book ‘High Performers: The Secrets of Successful Schools and recent work done on The Management of Change. In the last few years I’ve worked as coach and consultant to a number of Academy Trust, some high profile and others less so. The work has included lots of observations and reviews, guidance on Curriculum design using the KASE Model, developing Teaching and Learning policies and supporting changes in PE delivery towards more a more inclusive offer.

I offer a range of support interventions to schools and school leaders ranging from short keynotes to ongoing mentoring and support. By quickly casting through my Case Study selection, the Presentations and the Publications which have given me inspiration below you should get a good idea of what I can offer you.