Gaining more from Teaching Interventions

Gaining more from Teaching Interventions at UCL Academy Swiss Cottage. This work was designed to help the school focus down on what matters most. It took place over several visits. During the first visit leadership and key staff worked together to identify the Interventions with Impact which were six in total and each of which we defined, described what it meant, specified why it was needed and detailed how it was to be developed.

At a subsequent whole staff session each intervention was broken down into what it was, its defining features, classroom strategies and resources.

The example above is for Enquiry. In orange are the features; in blue the classroom strategies and in yellow the resources.

What then happened was this information was used to create the first drafts of posters for staff, students and parents on each intervention. These posters were written to be easily accessible.

2013-12-12 14.36.26

Posters were drafted for staff, students and parents.

Once the posters were completed it was important to make sure that each of the six classroom interventions were meaningful and would stand up to scrutiny.

The six classroom interventions were: authentic challenge, enquiry, metacognition, feedback, progress and pragmatic rehearsal.

What then followed coincidentally in advance of an inspection visit was an opportunity for staff to put the interventions to the test in a problem page activity. The problems and their solutions were then displayed in the staff room for all, including inspectors, to see.

photo 2

Each intervention had a set of problems associated with its delivery which were displayed alongside the staff solutions.

photo 3


Finally the interventions were summarised in a more complete document which became a practical teacher friendly prompt.

Fabulous learning guide v301014 PDF