High Performance Leadership Programmes

“High Performance Leadership has helped change the debate in many of our leadership teams. The principles which shape our programme – co-construction, collaborative problem solving and agile thinking are being seen in the schools.”

Tracy Smith, Executive Director, Tower Hamlets Education Partnership

Our High Performance Leadership Programme is moving into its third year. Our cohort of Head Teachers from Tower Hamlets schools have stayed with us. In our third year the HPL Programme becomes the HPC (High Performance Culture) Programme and we intend to ‘test’ our leadership competencies practised through 2020 and 2021 against the components of what our research and partners tell us are those of organisations which ‘deliver exceptional performance under pressure again and again.’

We will work with partner organisations and individuals from beyond the sector to challenge and stretch our thinking to provide alternative models. 

The High Performance Leadership Programme in outline

The brochure attached to this post outlines some of the Tower Hamlets context. It’s worth reading to appreciate what lies behind what we feel is a programme which is a model for others to follow.

As said before, the leaders are busy professionals with, amongst them, accumulated experience of successful years of leadership and decision-making. We try to create a compelling offer which sticks out amongst all the other competing demands on their time. Our Leadership provocations – challenges which stimulate and stretch – must transfer into the ‘messiness’ of managing a school. We think we are succeeding in doing so.