Seven Kings: Post Lockdown Revisioning Project

A long-term project to support a school embed and promote its ‘unique characteristics.’ 

Journey and its story

Seven Kings is an exceptional school situated in Ilford, East London. It is now an all through school. It has been, and continues to be, a magnet for visitors many of whom come to find out about its inclusivity, pastoral support and pupil centred learning methods. 

Reinvention for a purpose

Seven Kings is using the opportunity provided by the experience of this last year to re-valuate what has made it exceptional. They wish to take a hard look at what’s successful and in place and what the future might look like. Everything is up for a radical rethink.

Agile Thinking

As part of this exploratory process, we have uncovered the prevalence within the school of what we are describing as ‘agile thinking.’ There are so many instances of generating multiple solutions to ‘presenting’ problems that take this beyond a coincidence.  We are setting out to identify the contributory factors, break the processes down and then see if they can be systematised and shared. 

Showcasing Agility 

It’s hoped that opportunities will arise for replicating ‘agile thinking’ throughout the school and beyond.