Teachers as Trainers.

The picture above is of the most recent Teachers as Trainers efforts to typify the audience for their in-school development work. Teachers as Trainers is a modular professional development programme to develop teachers as trainers, presenters, facilitators and coaches. It enables participating staff to be able to lead professional development in their own and other schools. The current group of twelve with whom I’m working are split between Primary and Secondary Staff.

Teachers as Trainers uses a Competency Profiling alongside school-based practical challenges to allow a highly personalised approach to learning. Competencies – web version

Teachers as Trainers is being used with a successful teaching School Alliance in the North-East and is about to begin in Fife. It is a modernised version of the highly successful Alite Train the Trainer programme which trained over 200 teachers in cohorts of less than 24. The programme balances theoretical input with in-school Staff Development challenges and is supported by peer and tutor mentoring. Teachers as Trainers Programme