Project work with Frog Education: Head, Heart, Health and Heroics

A presentation made at the Frog Annual Conference in 2016 around the opportunity IT might bring for developing character. 

What might be worth developing 

Head (Cognitive Intelligence)

  • The ability to think through and solve complex problems and originate ideas and products
  • Evidenced by sustained attention, flexibility of approach, seeing patterns and connections, academic success.
  • Developed by purposeful challenge, questioning, metacognition, feedback on performance. 
  • Tested by practical problem solving, recall, testing, public exam performance

Heart (Emotional Intelligence)

  • The ability to manage and make sense of one’s emotional states and sustain a variety of purposeful relationships
  • Evidenced by self-control, esteem of peers, friendship circles, empathy.
  • Developed by purposeful collaboration, sharing, working towards a goal, managing adversity, tolerance.
  • Tested by consistency of behaviour, personal and peer interviews

Health (Lifestyle Intelligence)

  • The ability and willingness to make positive and purposeful lifestyle choices
  • Evidenced by daily routines, exercise, choice of best available diet, avoidance of ‘harmful’ activities, mature attitude towards risk
  • Developed by reflection on alternatives and their consequences, access to opportunities, consistent role models, mentoring 
  • Tested by attendance, exercise regimes, participation in purposeful activity, self-regulation  

Heroics (Civic Intelligence)

  • The willingness to take part in and make a contribution to life at home or in the wider community
  • Evidenced by volunteering, caring for others, motivation to tackle social issues, global outlook
  • Developed by active participation, recognition of contributions, access to opportunity, experience of others’ appreciation
  • Tested by active participation, endorsements of others, history of involvement, social concern

The presentation didn’t get picked up! Shame as it was original and useful. At the time of writing variants on the H Formula are being championed in some schools. The ‘Heroics’ dimension is always missing and yet for many young people its where their best endeavours lie.