Project work with Mudita Sports: Gamification and Learning

A presentation on gamification and learning to our Manchester based IT partner. 

We wish to get to a point with the game where the user is immersed in the experience. A state where ability is matched to challenge so time flies by and the learning is profound. These principles of gamification and learning lie behind some of our design work. 

  • blissful productivity 
  • small progress steps
  • urgent optimism nurtured by challenges
  • different layering and levelling of challenge and achievement
  • granular feedback to aid progression
  • personalised and ‘owned’ through pictures, icons and badges
  • communities of collaboration

As the GOAL App has been built, we’ve noticed some principles are harder to achieve. Each word and phrase we use links directly to the OUP 3000/5000 Word List which matches achievement against the Common European Framework’s globally recognised level criteria.  With fixed content – the languages themselves – it’s harder to embed ‘blissful productivity’ with ‘urgent optimism’ as learning a language is hard work!