Project work with ThreeWhats: ThreeWhats start-up Consultancy

ThreeWhats model Project work with ThreeWhats: ThreeWhats start-up Consultancy

Selecting and designing Playbooks

ThreeWhats is a start-up consultancy. James Heale and I decided that the years of experience we both had in and around high-performing individuals, organisations and teams was worth collecting, curating and sharing. We chose to do so through Playbooks. A Playbook is a summary of guidance, simplified, to help individual or team performance. We’ve written Playbooks! 

You can see them here

The ThreeWhats strapline is Ideas, research and success stories summarised for busy leaders and decision-makers.’ This is how we assemble a Playbook. So far, we have written 7 with a further 14 in production. They are –  

Conspiracy Theories

How to deal with those who ‘know’ 


How to perform under pressure

Successful Teams

Going beyond ordinary


Change yours for the better

Beating Bias

Shifting behaviours by shifting perceptions


Rejuvenating post lockdown

Our Method 

The ThreeWhats approach